Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer outfits challenge - 14 pieces to 30 outfits

One of the things that the Me-Made-May 2017 challenge has informed me is that I have way too much clothing in my wardrobe! In order to simplify my wardrobe, I'm trying to see if I can work 14 pieces of Me-Made/Me-refashioned/Me-tinkered clothing in a full month of outfits. the objective is after this challenge, I should have a good idea on what summer garments to toss/donate from my massive wardrobe.

I rummaged through my me-made clothes and here is my 14 pieces to 30 outfits challenge for June 1-30. I have chosen:
- 5 tops
- 4 bottoms
- 3 dresses
- 2 toppers

All in all, only 1 top (the thrifted black beaded tunic) is NOT a Me-Tinkered garment.

This summer challenge will actually include a road trip for a week. Let's see how this will work in June!


  1. I'm guilty of too much clothing, too ... and much of it in smaller sizes. I think I am ready to let go of those now. My weight has been steady for a year, and if I lose some, I will thrift some more pieces. This sounds like a fun challenge!

    1. I hope I can make these 14 pieces interesting for the month of June, especially because I have to go on a trip with some of these garments!