Friday, August 17, 2018

Chemo Hats for Summer - Butterick 3687

Oh how I miss sewing and creating! I made this floral hat in an hour while being mad at myself for having to late night laundry (long story).

I got tired of trying to tie the headscarves different ways before they become all wonky. I thought a light weight hat would stay on the head better. So hat sewing here we go!

This is an Out of Print hat pattern that I have made before. I made View F. The reason it's a tried and true pattern is because I have a larger than normal head comparing to other women. Usually the large sizes are 23". This one is 24"! Yay for me.

I used a remnant outdoor black and white floral fabric, added a black trim and black buttons, and a white poly cotton broadcloth lining. Everything from my sewing stash. Didn't need to buy anything at all. Voila! I thought at first the floral pattern looked more like a brain but the kids assured me that they saw nothing but floral. And I even brought this hat to my Boston trip!

So remember! When one is sad, mad, or restless, run to your sewing machine!! LOL!

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Another Wedding Anniversary Milestone!

I forgot to mention that I went out with my husband for a wedding anniversary this past weekend! The actual date is in the middle of the week. We went to a slightly hip restaurant that we usually wouldn't go with the kids (e.g. no kid's menu kind of restaurant). We shared a fun appetizer, my husband had a full entree and we shared a yummy dessert. It was fun!

I tried to dress up for it. The problem is that I'm very thin right now. I have a sick person's body. I wore all my self-made stuff for this lunch date: white lace refashioned dress, men's jeans to women cropped refashioned jacket, a pair thrifted red Brazilian made knee high boots to hide my scrawny legs, and a carnelian pendant necklace.
Even the borrowed cane matched my outfit!

  • The ironic thing is that when I was healthy I was trying to have a thinner body. I wasn't obsessed with it. But when I took a shower I would look at my lumps and bumps. Now I understand that I too got deceived and overwhelmed by the daily bombardment of men/women trying to put so much emphasis on 'looking thin' than 'being healthy'. Although I made almost all my clothes (much better fitting than RTW could ever achieve), I was not immune to the overwhelming societal messages. I hope I can keep instilling in my daughter that being healthy is so much more important than looking a certain way that society said we should look like. She tends to be insecure about her looks. In the summer, it's not as much of a problem. But once school starts, I'm worried that the kids at school would make her feel insecure again.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Simplicity 9457 Girl Ball skirt Done!!

After slaving an afternoon, the Simplicity 9457 Girl Ball skirt is done! I knew I didn't have the type of materials to make it really puffy but my daughter likes it anyway. She asked me to buy her navy blue dressy shoes to go with this skirt. Sorry this is just for dressing up purpose. I'm not buying any shoes for it! Thank goodness I lengthened the skirt because my daughter is a bit tall for her age. I'm not showing the underskirt because it's a real mess! LOL!

My camera is failing me......

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Limited Ingredients for Girl Ball skirt - Simplicity 9457

This is all I can find in my sewing room to make this Girl Ball Skirt:
A bit of blue poly taffeta, small remnant of organza, remnant of very soft tulle, and packs of gold and silver trims.
Is this going to be enough? I hope so! I'm not buying any new materials! Worse comes to worse I have some leather material that I can prop up the underskirt! LOL!