Monday, May 8, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Outfits: May 6-8

Here are my Me-Made May 2017 Outfits for May 6, 7, and 8:

May 6:
I was going to a Confirmation celebration at the church today. I was wearing a me-made wool dress and a me-made chiffon scarf, as well as thrifted ankle boots.

May 7:
It was still cold so I wore my me-refashioned red cashmere jacket, me-made grey stretch woven pants, a thrifted black top, thrifted scarf and a pair of thrifted patent leather pumps.

May 8:
I'm wearing a thrifted merino wool cardigan, a me-made fabric remnant scarf, and me-made red stretch woven slim pants.

I can see a trend in my outfits. I almost always have something red in the me-made outfits. It is my favourite colour so my wardrobe is full of red garments!


  1. Hah! With me it's deep blue and lilac :) You're doing well with your outfits - are you finding things you haven't worn in awhile to incorporate into them?

    1. Thanks! I am trying to wear things that I haven't worn for a while, including that plaid/purple dress from May 6!