Sunday, July 27, 2014

I made Kimchi! Yum!

I love Korean food and especially Kimchi. I always thought it must be really difficult to make something that yummy until I came across this website `Korean Babsang - a Korean mom's home cooking'. I bought all the ingredients on Friday and made it on Saturday. As of tonight I have eaten 1/4 of the whole batch already! I can't believe it's so easy to make Kimchi.  It's super yummy!

If you are interested in making Korean food, I recommend that you check out this website!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July MAGAM project ocmpleted - with changes

I finished my July MAGAM pants! However, I didn't use the black microfibre as I had planned. I had a good look at the material and thought that perhaps the microfibre could be a bit too thick for the type of breezy summer pants that I had intended. So I just used this green Linen blend material that I have had in my stash for ages to make a pair of wide cargo type pants. I have used this material recently for this same pattern, but in a shorts version.

I used size Small (as I found the size Medium too loose when I made the shorts version) and incorporated both the front pockets and the right mid-thigh pocket. I like lots of pockets for my clothing! I cut the length of the pants between view B and E because I wanted it to be trouser length. I inserted elastics for the waistband. It's a bit wider than any of my existing self-made pants but I figured that it`s nice and breezy for the summer. As long as I wear a more fitted top on top, the wide legs shouldn`t make me look too stumpy. Here is how it looks with the top tucked in (I never tuck in my tops):

And here is how I would wear it:

Notice the pockets almost overlapping on the right leg:

I think it looks okay. It is a basic wardrobe element, after all.  I think I will be wearing these pants often this summer! I also did a review for this pattern on

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July MAGAM plan - Microfibre Cargo pants

At last! I have decided what to make for my July Make A Garment A Month project. I sifted through my  pattern stash, my fabric stash, my wardrobe, my sewing magazines, etc, for days and couldn't figure out what to make. Finally, a couple of days ago, the weather was alternating between raining and sunny every hour. My trusty RTW microfibre cargo pants (bought in the UK in the late 1990s and still going strong) saved the day. It was cool to wear in the sun and when it was wet, it dried quickly.

Thus the decision to make another pair in this Black Microfibre fabric that has been in my stash for years (bought in the UK in the late 1990s as well), using Butterick 5044. I think I'll make view B. I'm short so it will be ankle length on me instead of calf length I hope. One can always use another pair of 3 season weather-versatile pants!

 Okay! Off to the sewing machine!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Accidental CopyCat - Sex And The City Carrie Dress?

I'm still nowhere near figuring out what to make for my July MAGAM project. However, something funny happened yesterday. Apparently I did an Accidental CopyCat fashion of a Sex And the City dress!

I don't watch TV much. I'm not really familiar with the popular TV shows. And even when I watch TV, I mostly watch odd ball stuff on PBS, CBC and TVO. I was showing a friend my DIY wedding dress photos and she said, 'Oh you made the Carrie Dress!' I said, 'Sorry?' She said, 'Yeah you made that dress Carrie wore with Aidan in front of the water fountain!' I said, 'huh?' She said, 'Carrie from Sex And The City!'

I guess I still looked puzzled so she pulled out her phone and searched for the pictures on the web. And here they are:


I guess I did a Copycat Wedding Dress without knowing it! Apparently I made the exact same Badgley Mischka wedding dress that Carrie was wearing in the show. Although because of her figure, I think the dress looked a bit different on her. The front swoop on her is lower than on mine (probably because I'm more full busted and barrel chested). But it just shows how good the pattern Vogue 2237 is - because it suits a short and wide torso like mine, and as well as a very trim figure like Sarah Jessica Parker!

Disclaimer: I'm not getting any commission from Vogue Patterns. But if you are looking for a wedding dress  sewing pattern, have a look at Vogue 2237! I just check the Vogue pattern web site and they are still selling it in their current collection.

Okay! Back to searching for inspiration for my July MAGAM project......