Friday, May 5, 2017

MAGAM May project 1 - Girl swimsuit

I was going to make myself something for my MAGAM (Make a Garment A month challenge) May entry. However, my daughter had been pestering me to make her something so I made her 2 things. She has swimming lessons every week and she wanted a new swimsuit. She saw another girl with a deck dress made with towel-like material and she wanted one of those.

I dug into my enormous fabric stash and found this navy polka dot swimwear fabric. I only had a very small piece of it but it was just enough to make a small child's swimsuit.

I had also just thrifted this very old girl's swimsuit pattern from 1971 for $0.99 at my local thrift store a few weeks ago. The publisher was Knit Knack of Canada. It's called 'Basic Knits #306 Girls' One and Two Piece Bathing Suit':

The patterns were printed on very sturdy paper and there were just 2 pattern pieces. I also like that the swimsuit has very low leg openings. My daughter has a nice full bum so low legged swimsuits are best for her.

It all came together very quickly. I didn't do anything fancy except that I added a full lining to the front piece. I already have swim elastic so I didn't buy anything to make this swimsuit:

I like this simple pattern because one can make modifications or add fancy design details easily. My daughter also does gymnastics so this pattern can be used to make a simple gymnastics leotard as well.

Next I'll be making my daughter a 'towel princess dress' (as she called it) for her swim classes, with one of the towels in my home. Should be interesting!

The review of this sewing pattern is at


  1. Cute! And the nice simple pattern lets the great polka-dot material shine.

  2. Thanks Jenny! My daughter wore it tonight for her swimming lesson and the swimsuit didn't fall apart! :-)

  3. It's cute - looks like your May is about making your daughter Merry :)

    1. Thanks! She seemed to be happy with it!