Monday, May 29, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Outfits: May 25-29

The Me Made May 2017 Challenge is almost over! Here are the outfits for the past few days:

May 25:
I'm wearing a me-refashioned silk shirt, me-altered jeans, a me-made necklace, thrifted merino wool cardigan and thrifted red patent flats.

May 26:
I'm wearing my me-made stretch cotton shirt from the Wardrobe Sudoku Contest, and me-made baby blue jeans, a me-made necklace and thrifted ankle boots.

May 27:
It's a bit cool but I was determined to wear one of my cotton voile sundress. I'm wearing a me-refashioned cardigan, me-made sundress, thrifted leggings and thrifted red patent flats.

May 28:
It's not very hot but since I would be doing indoor activities, I am wearing a me-made red linen sleeveless top I just made last week, a me-made linen blend maxi-skirt, a thrifted scarf and thrifted flats.

May 29:
I'm wearing a me-made maxi dress, me-refashioned scarf and a me-refashioned cardi.

2 more days to go!!


  1. You have a lot of variety and all of it is lovely!

    1. Thanks! I realize that there are lots of me-made clothes in the closet that haven't yet been worn for this challenge. Time for a closet clean up!

  2. I love the shape of the linen-blend turquoise maxi skirt. Have you blogged about it?

    1. Thanks Maria! I love those flutted skirts on me. They balance out my broad shoulders. I have blogged about it here:
      I'm too lazy to include all the links in my me-made posts but perhaps I should.