Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 Men's tees to 1 Dress Refashion

 I inherited 2 grey thin cotton undershirts. Both size XL. One has a plain front and one has a front pocket. What to do with them except to sleep in them? Well, I was inspired when I saw this picture:
I know I know. I only have 2 well worn tees. I was in a bold mood.

1. Use one of my existing tees as a template, cut off the excess width from the men's tee. I made mine a bit loose.
2. Cut off the crew neck and fold the fabric in about 1cm. Finish the neckline.
3. Cut off the body of the other tee to make a skirt according to your own hip measurements. I made mine too short and snug due to miscalculations.
4. Use the remaining fabric of the 2 tees to make a tie and a faux wrap front.
5. Sew the top and the bottom together and tie the tie around the hip.

Voila! Not the most sophisticated thing I have done. It's quickly made and the body is a bit too loose.  But I can certainly wear it to the beach!