Friday, July 13, 2012

Refashion: Floppy hat is no longer floppy

I have had this floppy hat for a few years. Over the years, the hat got more and more floppy until I wasn't able to see anymore:
So I sifted through my sewing/beading supplies and found a roll of 24 gauge beading wire, and some double fold bias tape:
I sewed a narrow channel at the folded edge of the bias tape and push the wire through the channel. Then I sewed the bias tape to the edge of the brim of the hat.
I was hoping the wire would be able to let me shape the brim as I liked. But I would have needed a thicker wire in order to achieve that. I just used what I have in my stash instead of buying more supplies. I figure that this new wired brim has already achieved what I had intended - to be able to see when wearing the hat! Another simple refashioning project......just don't look too closely on the sewing......;-)