Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Me Made May 2017 outfits: May 14-17

Here are my me-made and me-refashioned outfits from May 14 to 17.

May 14:
It's Mother's Day! I'm wearing a me-made dress, me-refashioned scarf, thrifted leggings and boots for a lunch with my family.

May 15:
I'm wearing a me-refashioned black dress and a me-made jacket that I made for the Wardrobe Sudoku contest.

The temperature is creeping up to the high teens. I'm wearing a me-refashioned jacket, a me-refashioned silk tunic.

May 17:
Today is super hot and humid - getting ready for a rain storm. I'm wearing a me-refashioned cardi, a me-made cotton sun dress and thrifted red patent flats.


  1. I'm enjoying seeing how you put outfits together, Nicky - it is good inspiration!

    1. Thanks! The weather has suddenly turned really hot and humid - in the mid-30's Celsius! I have to change from wearing spring clothes to hot summer clothes quickly!

    2. Ours did the same today, and forecast to be the same for a couple more days. I am NOT prepared!

  2. I really like all the garments. I love, love the thrifted boots. Green is my favorite color and envious of them.

    1. Thanks Linda! I love thrifting! Sometimes I cannot believe the things people gave away when they were probably worn once or twice only.