Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm back to blogland

After an intense month of taking care of a newborn and trying to recover from the birth, I'm back to blogland. No refashioning to speak of for this month, but I did add lining to my son's bedroom curtains. He is very light sensitive and would not go back to sleep if there is any light (however dim) filtering from his curtains. The lining is not completely blacking out the room but is making the room slightly dimmer, especially now that the days are longer.

On another note, I just starting ECing (Elimination Communication) my 1 month old daughter tonight. I was going to start when she is 2 months old (after I have gotten enough sleep and that her schedule is more stable) but I thought I would try to tonight. I held her over the toilet right after a feed and she poo'ed. Woohoo! I know this is more work for me than anything. But she already has a few diaper rashes so I thought ECing her might help her poor bum. Even if I only do it after a few feeds during the day, that's still progress in my book. We'll see how that goes!