Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Refashion: Grey XL Men tee to side tie ladies' tee

I was given this grey XL men's tee by a family member and I was actually using it for sleeping. It seems to be of good quality and the material is not thin and it wasn't stretched out of shape. I thought I could do something with it to increase my options for Me-Made May 2013.

(Source: Hanes.com)

I remember seeing a tutorial by mytwobutterflies regarding a men's tshirt refashion (see this post) so I thought I would try it too. But first I cut off the existing ribbed neckline and made it into a boatneck. I sewed a piece of clear elastic on the wrong side to prevent the neckline from stretching out further. I then cut the sleeves off, cut off some of the sides to make the shirt narrower and made cap sleeves. Then I cut off some of the bottom length and made the side ties as per the tutorial. The last thing to do was to turn the raw edges under and then topstitched. Voila! A very quick and easy tshirt transformation! Thanks for the idea Jennifer (of mytwobutteriflies)!

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