Sunday, May 12, 2013

Me-Made May '13 - May 7 to 12

Here are the outfits for Me-Made May '13 this past week. I didn't really put a lot of thoughts into the clothing. I just wore what made sense for the activities that day, e.g. if my daughter had Kindergym that morning it would make sense for me to wear pants or shorts. Dresses would be too fiddly for those days. Oh I have to dress according to the wacky weather in our part of the world. This morning it was freezing and when I was driving it starting hailing (i.e. little balls of frozen rain falling from the sky) and then later wet snow started falling. We are all back into wool sweaters and warm jackets today, after the hot sunny and humid weather a few days ago.

May 7:

Top: Me Made poly knit faux wrap top (New Look 6729). I made a dress with this fabric too (see this post). This is one of the tops that gets worn a lot in the past few summers.
Bottom: Me-Made stretch cotton twill shorts (Vogue 8041). I made it a few years ago and had to narrow the shorts a bit for this summer. Perhaps all the wearing and laundering had stretched the fabric a bit too much?

May 8:

Top: Me-altered men's XL cotton tee into a side tie cap sleeves tee (see this post).
Bottom: Me-Made stretch cotton denim shorts based on Vogue 8157. I did the pull-on self fabric contour waistband for these shorts (same waistband as the pants in this post).

May 9:

Top: Me-Made ponte di roma knit faux wrap top (same pattern as the yellow print one above - see this post). Again another go-to top for me for the summer.
Bottom: Me-Made baby blue stretch cotton twill slim pants (see this post). I have to figure out what else in my wardrobe will work with these baby blue pants other than black.

May 10:

Dress: Me-Altered black terry cloth knit dress. This dress was very wide and it was like a tent on me. I just took in the side seams gradually to fit me. However, I think I can refashion it some more to give it more character. Perhaps some pockets? (NOTE: I deleted the picture of me wearing the dress by mistake. So here is the dress on a hanger.)

Under the dress: I'm not done yet! I went swimming at the local pool with my daughter this morning and i had this Me-Made swimsuit (see this post) under the dress. I'm getting lots of use of my Me-Made swimsuits already!

May 11:

Top: Me-Made ponte di roma knit jacket (see this post). I wear this jacket very often in the Fall but not so much in the Spring. It was starting to get cold again this morning so a jacket was in order.
Bottom: Me-Altered store bought jeans. I shortened the pant length. I'm short so any time I buy pants/jeans at a regular store, I always have to shorten the pant legs.

May 12:

Top 1: Me-Altered store bought purple silk blouse. Everything fit on this blouse except the back darts were in the wrong place for my body. I have a short waist so anything with darts need to be altered. So I just released the back darts and it became a slightly loose-fitting silk blouse which suits me just fine.
Top 2: Me-Altered thrifted Men's XL wool mix sweater. It was very wide and boxy. I just used an existing, well-fitted knit top as a guide to cut and sew this sweater to fit my body. I had been wearing it quite a bit this past winter.
Bottom: The same Me-Altered jeans from yesterday.

Well those are the outfits for this past week. Who knows what kinda of weather we will be having this coming week? More snow? Should I bring out my snow boots again? ;-)

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