Monday, May 6, 2013

Me Made May - May 1 to May 6

I've not blogged for a little while. Each Spring and Fall, the kids and adults in our household always have these lingering colds going on - not sick enough to be totally out of commission, but sick enough to be tired and cranky all day every day. I have done some sewing and refashioning but I haven't taken pictures yet. They will be coming soon.

Anyway, here are my outfits for the first 6 days of 'So, Zo...'s Me Made May. I did pledge to wear at least 2 items of me-made or me-altered clothing/accessories each day. Well, I think I did it!

May 1:
Top: Me-Altered Men's XL argyle cotton sweater (see this post)
Bottom: store bought leggings

May 2:
Top 1: Me-altered thrift shop cotton cardigan (I just changed the buttons)
Top 2: Thrifted cotton t-shirt
Bottom: Me-Made red skinny jeans (see this post)

May 3:
Dress: Me-altered Large ribbed knit dress that was down to my calves. I shortened the hem and took in the shoulder seams and the side seams to fit me better.

May 4:
Top: Me-Made cotton tunic. This is a regular favourite of mine for the past few summers. It's lightweight and blocks out some sun even when I forgot to put on sunscreen. The black/white print goes with everything (see this post).
Pants: Me-Made stretch cotton woven shorts based on Vogue 8041.

May 5:
 Top: Me-Made cotton voile peasant top (see this post). Also a summer favourite for the past few years.
Botton: Me-Made Red skinny jeans (what? The red jeans are making a repeat appearance already? Must have been on top of the laundry pile!)

May 6:
Dress: Me-altered cotton dress (see this post)
Botton: store bought leggings

You might have noticed that some of the days I have only worn 1 piece of me-made/me-altered clothing in the pictures. But wait! I was wearing this me-altered hat out all week (see this post):

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