Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me-Made May'13 - May 18-23

Here are the Me-Made May'13 outfits for May 18-23. The weather had initially been very humid and sweaty. Then a after a couple of violent rain/wind storms, it became really cold again! Definitely not time to pack up the warmer clothing yet.

May 18:
Top: Me Made cotton shirt (see this post).
Buttom: Me Made baby blue stretch jeans (see this post)

May 19:
Top: Me Made mustard/black knit faux wrap top (McCall's 5271)
Bottom: Me-Made stretch denim jeggings (McCall 5273)

May 20:
Top: Thrifted black cotton cardigan
Dress: Me-Made red dress (see this post)
Bottom (under the dress): Me-Made boy shorts. I always wear some sort of shorts when I wear dresses/skirts. I don't want to accidentally flash someone if I was playing or struggling with one of my kids. This is my first boyshort underpants prototype (based on a pair of well-worn store bought shorts). As you can see the sewing is a bit sloppy. I was trying to sew it up quickly to figure out the fit. I'm going to tweak it a bit more and sew lots and lots of them using scrap knits in my stash. Hurrah to boyshorts!
May 21:
Top: Me-Made peasant blouse (see this post)
Bottom: Me-Made stretch denim shorts (Vogue 8157)

May 22:
It was much colder today so I had to layer up.
Top: Me-Altered store bought denim shirt. As with all store bought stuff, I had to release the back darts because they didn't fit my short waisted frame. Plus store bought tshirt when I went to New York City almost 10 years ago.
Bottom: Me-Made red skinny jeans (see this post)

May 23:
Cardigan: Thrifted black cotton cardigan.
Dress: Me-Made denim dress (see this post).
Under the Dress: Me-Made stretch knit boyshorts.

I hope next week will be warmer so that I can wear all the summer dresses I have made!

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