Sunday, May 12, 2013

Encore Pattern Review - New Look 6752 dress

This is an Encore Pattern Review for the New Look 6752 dress. The first attempt can be seen here.

This time around I used this cotton/poly mix crinkle fabric from my stash. It had been there for a long time and I had just enough to make this dress. I guess I really like red because there are lots of red fabrics in my stash! The dress sewed up really quickly since it's my 2nd time sewing this, and because it is a really easy to sew pattern to begin with.

I made some changes to the original pattern:
1) I narrowed the a-line shape of the dress. Now it just has a slight a-line.
2) I raised the front shoulder seams by about 2cm because I found that the fabric was pull from the top of the chest all the way to the shoulders. It's better now but still not completely smooth. I might have stretched the fabric a bit too when I was sewing the gathered neckline.
3) I added shoulder tabs and buttons to jazz it up a bit. The original dress was fine but a bit boring. And I have tonnes of buttons in my stash!

I think it looks okay. I am still a bit self-conscious about the fabric pulling on the shoulder but hubby said he didn't notice anything. I'll test-wear it and see how it performs.

Conclusion: Easy to sew. Quick to sew. Easy to change/add your own design elements. Pull-over style. Great for the summer! I just may sew more dresses from this pattern later this year.

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