Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Refashion: Men's Jeans to Party loot bags

We are having a small party at home for my son's birthday this year. I have invited some of his friends and I have prepared little gifts for their loot bags. I thought, as part of my Stash Busting effort, why not make the loot bags myself with my existing stash? After 2.5 hours and some broken sewing machine needles (sewing too fast with thick denim on thick denim), I managed to transform 2 pairs of men's jeans that were given to me, into 6 little loot bags for the party. I still have lots of the jeans material left for other projects. I didn't buy any materials to make the loot bags -  all the fabric, ribbons, threads, bag template, etc are from my stash. I'm so happy to be reducing my stash this way!

From these men's jeans:
Using this plastic canvas as a bag template:

To these loot bags:


  1. Ooh, those look ACE! Nice work xxx

    1. Thanks Zo! I just gave them to the kids today and they seemed to like them too!