Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Confession of a Knit-a-holic: Another Sweater Refashion

Yes admit it. I'm a Knit-a-holic. I love sewing knit fabrics, I love refashioning knits and I love wearing knits. It's warm and comfortable to wear. It's forgiving to sew even if the fit is not perfect. I can run, kneel down, wrestle with kids, etc, all while wearing knits. It can sewn or refashioned into something casual or more dressy. What's not to love?

Spring is approaching fast so I decided to refashion something for Spring from my refashioning stash. This is an XL men's cotton argyle sweater I thrifted a while back. It has a nice smooth hand and I like the pattern. But it was huge on me.
Using a more fitted sweater of mine as a template, and shortened sleeves, I cut and sewn up a new fitted argyle mini dress for spring. It's a bit short but with leggings and tall leather boots it should look okay. Yay! A new-ish spring sweater dress for 2013!

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