Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Self-Stitched Beach Holiday wardrobe

I can see the snow and ice outside my window right now but I'm busy planning out my Summer Beach Holiday wardrobe already! Good friends of ours are planning a get-together at a provincial park with beach and sand, bonfires at night, couple massages, barbeques, etc. for a few days this summer. Can't wait! But first thing first - I must plan out my completely self-stitched/self-refashioned Beach Holiday Wardrobe. I'm thinking a Black/White/Red/Denim palette would be good for this wardrobe.

Preliminary thought on my Beach Holiday wardrobe items:
- 2 swimsuits (I already made one - see this post)
- 2 sundresses (I made a few - needs to coordinate with the rest of the wardrobe)
- 2 pairs of shorts (I made a few pairs already - needs to coordinate with the rest of the wardrobe)
- 1 pair of long pants (for chilly nights outdoors)
- 1 long sleeve jacket/cardigan/shirt (for chilly nights outdoors)
- 3 short sleeves top (again need to choose from a number of self-stitched ones)

I think that should be enough. I don't want to have to bring too much stuff. The kids' will have lots of stuff and I need to save room in the car for them.


  1. Holiday plans are just the best - think you have covered all angles with these wardrobe items! The massages and BBQ's sound divine...J

    1. Thanks Judith for your comment. Yes I haven't had any massages since the kids arrived. I'm soooooo looking forward to it! And having good friends looking after the kids while I'm having a massage is just perfect!