Sunday, March 31, 2013

2nd batch: Very practical use of fabric scraps and an old baby change pad

I have made another batch of sanitary pads using an old organic cotton change pad and cotton flannel fabric scraps. This batch works really well! I made them really quickly again so the sewing is not perfect. Nonetheless they performed their function really well.

I'm really happy to have refashioned this very soft but hard to upcycle change pad. I don't think another mom would want to use a used change pad for her baby because there might have been a big poop mess on it at one point (which didn't happen to this pad). And I just don't like the thought of adding more disposable sanitary pads to the landfill every month. So this solution works for me. These cloth pads are so soft and doesn't make that plastic-y sound if I move the wrong way!

I change the shape of the wings for this batch. I find these batwings work better and the pads don't move as much as the last batch. I was able to make 10 pads from this one change pad. And here are the not-so-pretty refashioned project pictures:


  1. Oh well done you! I've never got round to trying to make these yet, but it's ace and inspirational to see that others have figured it out successfully xx

    1. Thanks Zoe! I'm pretty pleased with this upcycle/refashion project too! They are not the prettiest refashioning projects but they are really useful for me.

  2. I sewed some pantyliner, which I use often during the month. Also for me the first edition was with thin wings, while the second one was similar to yours. All made with scrapes.
    They are awful, but so useful! And I am so proud!
    The next step, for me, is to produce menstrual pads with waterproof fabric, but so far I have nothing waterproof to upcicle.\
    I love your blog,\
    Irma from Italy}

    1. Thanks Irma for your comment! Sometimes not-so-pretty upcycled items can be so so useful! As for waterproof fabrics, I used my baby's old change pad. But I have also seen waterproof garments at my local thrift store too. Perhaps that can be a source for you too?