Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Still recovering from chemo......

This 2nd round of Chemo has been rough on my body during and after the treatment. I think my oncologist put some seriously heavy dosage and/or mixture this time around. She saw that my tumour didn't shrink (it didn't spread either) after the first round of chemotherapy. I guess she just wanted to crank it up to see if the 2nd round can shrink the tumour.

I am recovering from this round much slower than the 1st round. 3 days after the first round of chemo I was able to move around and my strength was not bad. Today is the 6th day after my 2nd round of chemo and I'm only started to feel better and not tired, short of breath, and weak all day. I left a voicemail with my oncologist to ask her about the 2nd round dosage but she hasn't replied.

My daughter's birthday party is this weekend. I planned it all on my laptop a few weeks ago. I am hoping I'll be well enough to go to her party. But if not, I'm not going to force myself. I will rest at home. The adults at the party will just have to take lots of pictures for me. :-)


  1. Those chemicals are potent; it's no wonder they make a person weak. You will feel stronger in time. It's always hard to wait for healing, though.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! I have always felt that a big part of the fun of a party is looking forward to it beforehand and thinking or talking about it afterward. If you can't go, I bet your girl will love having you as a willing audience to hear all about it.

    Hugs & take care, Nicky.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I planned my son's birthday party last month from my hospital bed too. I didn't go to that one but saw pictures and videos later.