Friday, April 20, 2018

After 3 days of Chemo treatment

I have learned a lot about my body after the 3 days Chemo treatment. Since each person's reaction to chemo is different, it's really up to me to figure out what can ease the treatment for myself.

After the traumatic experience on Day 1, on Day 2 I decided to force myself to sit up straight with my head and back pulled slightly forward so that I didn't get into the 'I can't breathe' situation again. It worked well except I was vomiting a lot. I'd rather vomit than not be able to breathe.

Then on Day 3, I knew by then that as soon as the Chemo drugs hit my veins, the top part of my airways would tighten and make it difficult to breathe. I asked for supplementary oxygen to ease my breathing and that worked well. I also sat up straight with my head and neck tilted slightly forward. I only vomited once and the rest of the treatment was uneventful.

My husband suggested that I see a professional about my traumatic experience on Day 1 just so that I don't develop PTSD later. He had been reading up about other cancer patients who developed PTSD a few year after recovering from cancer.

I'm to have a CAT scan next week to see how the chemo had worked. My Oncologist told me that I'm a good candidate for Immunotherapy, a new promising cancer treatment. So what is Immunotherapy?

From the American Cancer Society:

Immunotherapy is treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases such as cancer. This can be done in a couple of ways:
  • Stimulating your own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack cancer cells
  • Giving you immune system components, such as man-made immune system proteins
I am doing more research myself about this new treatment.

I'm now resting at home and still feeling positive and grateful for all the kindness and tangible help I have been receiving. I should feel stronger in a few days.


  1. I just read about immunotherapy a few days ago and thought of you, Nicky. I'm hopeful you will be able to have this treatment because it sounds like a bit of a breakthrough.

    I'm sorry your treatment was hard and unpleasant. I think your husband has a good idea there with talking to a professional. It may help in other ways, too. Losing one's health can lead to a form of grief, and a professional can help with that if it's happening.

    Take extra good care of yourself while you get your strength back.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think chemo is hard for different patient in different ways. I'm just glad that I have learned what the problem was and stopped it from happening for the rest of the round of chemo treatment.

  2. Sounds like you made some good choices to improve your experiences, that's really good as you are taking care of yourself and being sensible. Talking through the distress of the Day 1 issues wiht a suitable professional sounds good as you want the best possible mental attitude too. Wishing you well. Ruthie

    1. Thanks Ruthie!I'm talking to a professional next week. Hopefully she will give me some insights on how to avoid getting into the flashbacks.

  3. Looks like you have taken very practical steps to deal with your breathing worries. An active approach like this is much better than anxiety. Good luck with your discussion.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! It's all new to me and I'm just learning thing one little step at a time,