Monday, April 9, 2018

Plaid Oscar de la Renta Dress - the plan

The plaid dress I was salivating about yesterday doesn't seem too difficult to master. It looks to me that it's a standard princess seamed top above the waist. Then below the waist one side is an a-line skirt and the other is a larger overlapping bias pieces. A row of bias self-fabric fringe adorn the collar, while some of the edges of the skirt are frayed.

I have this McCall pattern in my stash already for the top part of the dress:
source: McCall's pattern
I'm pretty sure I can figure the bottom out with muslin and trial and error.


  1. Excellent - looking forward to seeing the rest of the plan!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I was thinking although I'm not back to full sewing yet, perhaps I could do a quarter scale proof of concept on the skirt pieces?

    2. That's a great idea - and something I'd never have thought of! I'm filing that away in my brain as a good thing to remember :)