Monday, October 3, 2011

Self-stitched Sept'11 Challenge - Sept 26,27,28,29,30

Okay! The final post for the Self-stitched Sept'11 Challenge!

Sept 26: I'm wearing a self-stitched skirt (Simplicity 8850). The baby just spit up on me. You can see that my left shoulder is wet! LOL
Sept 27: I'm wearing a self-refashioned black wool cardigan and self-stitched wool skirt with braided trim (Simplicity 8850 again).
Sept 28: I'm wearing a self-stitched craft cotton shirt (Butterick 4609 and sleeves from Simplicity 5204) and self-stitched beige stretch cotton pants (vogue 8041). The shirt is very tight across the chest as I'm nursing my baby right now. I wore this often for the office.
Sept 29: I'm wearing a self-made necklace and self-stitched wool mix skirt with asymmetric hem (McCalls 4593).
Sept 30: I'm dressing up today! I'm wearing a self-made necklace, a self-stitched navy wool mix jacket (Butterick 4863) and self-modified wool flannel pants I bought 12 years ago (still fits - yay!). I like the jacket very much and wore it to the office with dress pants and then with jeans on the weekend. The baby was pulling on the flouce of the jacket so I had to take it off when I was nursing her.

So I really tried to put more thought into what I was wearing by the end of the month. Skirts are not exactly practical for chasing around a 2.5 year old toddler and carrying a 5 month old all the time. Hey I tried! Do I get some points for trying?? :-) I'm astonished that I made so much clothing for myself that I didn't really have to repeat outfits. I still have more self-stitched clothes that I didn't wear for the month of Sept. Perhaps I should put more thoughts into my clothing from now on.

And on another note....I don't know how to pose! What awful poses I have!

It was a fun experiment and thanks to Zoe for organizing this!

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