Monday, October 3, 2011

ECing a 5 month old baby

Lately my baby girl has discovered her feet. Every time I put her on the potty, she was too busy trying to reach her feet instead of pooing/peeing. Before this discovery, she would consistently sit on the BabyBjorn Smart potty and pee. So I have to revert back to pulling her legs up for her to pee/poo, so that she is not moving too much and can concentrate on peeing/pooing. She is now 19 lbs which makes it difficult for me to hold on to her properly.

I would dearly like to find moms who practice EC with there babies in my town but most moms I met just politely dismiss my adventure in ECing. They think that I'm making life difficult for myself! LOL! I don't mind doing EC part time. The fact that my baby girl hasn't had a diaper rash since the first month, and that she has never needed diaper cream or diaper wipes, are all good reasons for me to carry on. I just needed to find that online message board where I can get some tips from other EC moms as my baby gets older.

Any EC moms out there who can point me to the right message board?

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