Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Men's sweater to Baby outfits Refashion

Ah! My favourite kind of refashioning - Shrunken men's sweaters! I thrifted these two shrunken 100% Merino wool men's sweater. The weather is getting colder and my baby girl needed warmer layers. So I used some ribbon in my stash and transformed the shrunken men's sweaters from these:
To these sweater tunics and pants:
My baby girl has been wearing them daily. She is toasty warm now! :-) I think I may make more for the holiday season.....


  1. Awesome awesome idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks! I know most parents wouldn't want their babies to wear wool because they think it would be a hassle to launder wool as babies are messy. My baby girl is teething so naturally drools a lot. But somehow liquids just tend to bead on top of the wool material. I don't know if it's because it's felted (shrunken sweater) or not. The water doesn't soak into the garment so my baby's top is not wet. Interesting isn't it?

  3. They are breathtaking! I bet they'll last very well.

  4. Thanks Temporary Cat! I thought they would at least last until my baby outgrows them. However, hubby tumble-dried the beige wool tunic by mistake and shrank it further! Now it's kinda tight on her round body. LOL! She may outgrow it before x'mas. Oh well! I'll just have to refashion a few more outfits for her then!