Saturday, February 5, 2011

New quilt/wall hanging for Toddler

My toddler is starting to be really interested in learning the Alphabets and numbers. So I looked and looked for 2 weeks for fabrics that have big alphabets and numbers on them. Unfortunately, there wasn't much and most of them were too girly for my boy. Eventually I found this cotton flannel panel at a specialty quilting store:
I am not a quilter at all. I just tried to put the panel on top of quilt batting and put the backing on. Before I sewed it, I laundered it. Perhaps that's why the panel is a bit skewed? Should I not have laundered it before sewing? I don't really know. Cotton Flannels do tend to get wonky after being washed. Oh well!

The store also has a girly version of this. I bought it and made another quilt/wall hanging for my future new baby (possibly a girl).

My son seems to like the quilt/wall hanging. He points to the letters he knows on the quilt/wall hanging all the time. He has learnt almost the full set of alphabet! Now I just need to find non-girly fabrics with big numbers on them....

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