Thursday, February 24, 2011

Computer sick too - Plus a Kameez Refashion

It's not just me who had been sick - my computer has a virus too! It's being fixed right now and I'm borrowing someone else' computer for this post. Geez! This flu season is affecting everyone and everything! LOL

I have done another refashioning project. It's an off white cotton eyelet kameez that I thrifted a few weeks ago. It is calf length and has some cheap ribbon and rainbow coloured beads sewned on it and some of them have fallen off. The 'embellishment' is not really my cup of tea but I do like the eyelet fabric.
1. The first thing I did was to take out the ribbon and the remaining beads. Now I could see that it has a pretty neckline and the edge of the sleeves are scalloped.
2. Next I looked into my trims stash to see what I have that would go with it. I don't have much. Nothing looked right until I saw a bit of remnant X'mas trim I bought 6 years ago. I sewed it onto the centre of the tunic. I tried adding other trims to the rest of the neckline but had to rip them out because they distracted the eye too much from the pretty neckline.
3. I thought this looked fine - a nice and simple trim for a pretty eyelet fabric. My hubby thought that it looked like a tie.

So here is my question: What do you think? Does this kameez need more embellishment? If so, what would be your suggestion? I look forward to your comments!!

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