Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby quilt playmat finished!

I finally finished the quilt/play mat for the new baby! I decided used all existing scraps and trims for this project. I made a quilt/play mat for my toddler too before he was born (see this post).

My hubby chuckled when he saw the finished product because he recognized all the scraps from various clothing/nursery decor projects that I made for the family. I'm glad I saved all the scraps that were too small for clothing but were good enough for making this quilt! Nothing wasted!

I personalized the quilt with the green pear applique again because it's kinda significant for my husband. His family name 'pear tree' in French. So I tried to add that applique to a lot of things I sewed for the kids. I made the applique out of scrap green linen that I have.

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