Monday, February 28, 2011

3 shrunken sweaters - Project 1

What can one do with 3 shrunken men's sweaters? Make a sweater dress of course!

Sweater 1 - midnight blue merino wool polo style sweater
Sweater 2 - wine lambswool sweater with several moth holes
Sweater 3 - dark burgundy thick wool sweater

I thought the colours were quite complementary and a 3 tone sweater dress might be nice.

1. I decided that the merino wool sweater should go on top (not itchy to the skin), then the wine sweater (still not itchy) and the thick burgundy one should go to the bottom.

2. Cutting away!
3. Sewed the 3 pieces together. Trim the sides to make it a straight tube of a dress to accommodate the baby bump. I will probably have to tweak it after giving birth.

4. Voila! Another easy refashioned wool sweater dress. The only thing is that the wine colour part seems to highlight the bump a lot. Never mind. After the birth, I will trim out the sides and add a belt or something. It's difficult to take a good picture that reflects the true colours of the dress.
There are still lots of material left from these 3 sweaters. More projects to come.....

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