Friday, September 25, 2015

Refashion: Easy Kids' t-shirt appliques

I haven't posted for a while but it's not because I hadn't been sewing. In fact, I had been really busy at the sewing nook mending/repairing stuffed animals, kites, kids shorts, etc, as well as adding appliques to my kids' tshirts for their school's Picture Day.

It all started last year when my son (aged 5 then) happened to wear a baseball shirt with the number 5 for the school Photo Day. He was super pleased with the result and asked me to make him a new one this year for Photo Day. He insisted on having a camouflage '6'. So I used some remnant camo fabric that I had from making his camo pants to do the applique. He picked out a plain tshirt for me to apply the applique. After my daughter had seen her brother's applique tshirt, she asked for one as well. She rummaged through her tshirts and picked this one out. She 'specified' that the number '4' should be a 'shiny pink' fabric. I still have some of the remnant metallic pink denim that I used for her birthday dress (see here) in the scraps box. And here are the results (disregard the dirt on the tshirts as the kids had worn the shirts all day already):

I don't know if the kids had made the tshirts dirty before getting their photos taken. Hopefully the photos will turn out well!

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