Monday, September 7, 2015

MAGAM Sept Plan - A Copycat Tweed Dress for Autumn

Although it is still really hot and humid outside, I am already planning my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. The September Theme for Make A Garment A Month is 'Snoop fashion', which I also call it 'CopyCat fashion'. There are so many special occasion gowns that I would like to copy. But I thought I would stick to garments that I would actually wear this autumn/winter.

I have seen this picture on the web before of a lovely tweed dress but I have no idea who designed it (if you know who the designer is please let me know). The picture with Alexa Chung looks weird, as if it had been altered. Nonetheless the dress looks like something cute and practical for me:


I have accumulated lots of tweed for office wear but I don't have a pink tweed. I figure that I could use this brownish tweed and New look 6779 (both from my stash) for this dress:

Of course my tweed is way more somber looking than the lively pink tweed in the inspiration photo. I haven't decided what the contrast fabric would be. I will need to dig deeper into my fabric stash to see what can liven up this drab tweed. Looking forward to working on it!


  1. Hi Love Nicky, sorry I haven't commented on your recent posts - I have been away, and my tablet would not let me comment on blogs! I have followed and read all your posts though. Good luck with this - it's going to look great :)

    1. Hi Sarah Liz! Please don't distress yourself. We are all busy people and sewing it's a fun hobby for us and not a job! We comment and read posts when we have the time so don't worry about it! ;-)