Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Refashion: A Tiny Red Dress becomes A Bigger Tiny Red Dress

The February is Red Month theme continues! This time it's a refashion for my little girl. I was given this cute little dress and my daughter loves it. It's actually a dress for a 12-18 month old but she insisted on wearing it even though she is almost 3! The dress hit at her hip and I could hardly pull it over her head. My daughter is a very messy eater and refuses to wear a bib at meal times. But she loves this dress so much that she would wear a bib when wearing this dress.

So I thought I would do a quick refashion with this dress so that she can fit into it comfortably. First, I needed to chop off the very tight top part:

Then I used some remnant red stretch fleece and some hot pink ribbed knit (both used in this project) to make a bigger top to be attached to the bottom skirt. It took me about 45 minutes for this whole project. I hope she likes this new version of her favourite dress!

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