Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lessons learned from Altering Men's Dress Pants/Trousers

My hubby has lost a lot of weight since he embarked on a healthy eating lifestyle a few months ago. He asked me today to help me alter a bunch of dress pants so that they  didn't look like sacs on him.

I opened up the waistband of the dress pants and discovered that men's pants were made so much better than commercially available women's pants! The centre back seam is sewn all in 1 piece (from the back leg to the waistband to the waistband facing) for easy alteration. I just don't understand why they don't make RTW women's dress pants this way.

The blue chalk line is the new centre back seam. Look at how generous the seam allowance was! One could gain 3 more inches to the waist without having to buy new pants!

Once the new seam is sewn, the waistband facing folds down neatly covering all the mess:

After some pressing and stitches to close the facing, it looks almost good as new!

I'm very happy to have altered my hubby's pants. Not only does he have more dress pants to fit him but also, I will be stealing tips from the construction of these men's pants for my own pants creations in the future!

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