Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little White Dress - Finally finished!

After 3 failed attempts for the Little White Dress contest, I finally made one that I considered good enough for the contest. Here it is:

It's based on Butterick 6076 from 1999. I had made 2 dresses out of this pattern before (see this post).

I had put additional restrictions on my entry to this contest: only use stash pattern and stash fabrics. I barely had enough of this almost white linen mix fabric for this little dress. Since white linen is quite translucent, I used some remnant white broadcloth for the lining and the foundation (I barely had enough of these as well). I did my usual short waist adjustment and shortened the hem. I lost a little weight so my chest area is not squished anymore.

Here is how I imagine the dress going from the office to a dinner date:

At the Office, I would wear a belt with professional looking shoes and a navy blazer:

For the dinner date, I would take off the blazer, add some jet black self-made necklace and ring and a little black purse:

The versatility of this dress doesn't stop here! With a bouquet, self-made pearl necklace and bracelet and some bling bling shoes, this simple dress can become a simple wedding dress:

I'm pretty happy with this Little White Dress after all the fails and tears. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Now I need to go and tackle that pile of mending/repairs that has been growing.....


  1. It is pretty and especially the different ways you've styled it!

  2. Styled beautifully. It looks lovely on you in all photos, nice job!

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments! It's actually pretty challenging to style it because although it looks normal in person, in photos, it just looked like I have wrapped a white bath towel around me!