Monday, February 17, 2014

Blog-spiration! Another Amazing Blog to enjoy and learn from

Since I'm a self-taught sewist, I learned my basic sewing techniques from books in my local library (not much on sewing) and lots from the internet. There are many wonderful, generous Bloggers who are willing to share their experience, knowledge and techniques on the blogsphere. I'm soooo grateful for those bloggers. One of the blogs that I am obsessively reading lately is StudioFaro's 'Well-suited'. She is an amazingly knowledgeable lady from Australia who posts these intriguing pattern puzzles weekly for sewists to solve. There are many lovely patterns that I would love to learn how to adapt from my tried-and-true patterns that I have already tweaked for my body. She has truly inspired me to think more out of the box, and try to take bigger risks in modifying the designs of my TNT patterns.

Go check out her weekly pattern puzzle now! Thanks StudioFaro!

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