Saturday, August 3, 2013

Planning the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Wardrobe

I know it's still hot and sunny out there but I'm already planning my Fall/winter 2013/14 wardrobe. I took a quick look at the Pantone colour forecast for Fall 2013 and found that my favourite Fall/Winter colours are there:

(source: Pantone)

I love teal blue (they call it Mykonos Blue), bluish purple (they call it Acai), bluish red (they call it Samba) and the bluish pink (they call it Vivacious). I also like the mossy green (they call it Linden Green) but the fabrics that I have in that colour are mostly spring/summer fabrics. For the other colours, I have them in wool, ponte knit and sweatshirt knit. I’m sure I’ll have fun creating new garments with this  palette for this Fall/Winter season.

But first I must do an inventory check of what I already have in my wardrobe. I have made lots of Fall/Winter clothing for myself over the years. I don’t want to be too frivolous and add more unnecessary items that may not get a lot of use. And because I have grown more and more obsessed with ‘cost per wear’, I would like to ‘winterize’ my summer clothing as much as possible. So I don’t really envisage making more than 3 or 4 additional items. The wardrobe is not growing any bigger either! ;-)

I definitely will be making some clothing for my 2 kids as well. Since I'm still not buying any new fabrics, I must set aside some fabrics for the kids' projects first. I won't actually be starting the kids' projects until the end of Sept. Who knows how much bigger they will grow in 2 months? I want the clothes I made them to be useful for more than a couple of months please!

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