Friday, July 26, 2013

We're back....again!! And a note about the refashioned sanitary pads....

Yup. My computer has been out of commission again! I think I really need to invest in some hardware this time. Geez! I'll need hubby's help to shop around to see where the best prices are. Until then I'm only getting computer time intermittently.

The refashioned sanitary pads are still being used exclusively. I haven't bought any commercial sanitary pads at all. Now that I have used the self-made ones for a few months, I can see that I need more than 10 of them. Since they don't have that 'dry weave' on top like the commercial pads, I need to change them more often on heavy days. So I think I'll have to make another 6 or so just to cover those days without having to do laundry every night. The good thing is, I have another organic baby change pad. When I bought them I didn't realize they came in two. It was useful to have 2 for my babies then and it's useful for me now. How great is that I am able to upcycle both of these hard to upcycle baby gears!

Now if I can just figure out new uses/purposes for all the other baby gears.....


  1. Super great I did this atone time. Now I am all done with my friendly visits. It is nice to know others are thinking the same way. God's grace, peace, light, and love to you. In Jesus' Service Doreen

  2. Thanks for the update, great to know that they are really working out for you. I'll keep this project in mind for myself in the future, thanks for the inspiration xx

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yea they are working out for me so far. Just a note, every time I had to change my pad, it's best to rinse the used pad quickly with cold running water and then drop it in a bucket of clean water for soaking. I would wash the pads at night either by hand with soap or with the washing machine (cold water). In my humble opinion, the pads don't stain as much this way.