Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Burda Fall/Winter 2013 patterns - inspired to copy

I haven't bought any brand new sewing patterns for a long time, except the out-of-print/vintage patterns from my local thrift store (50-99 cents). But I still look forward to the new collection of patterns each season from the bigger pattern companies. If I see something that I like, I would try to find an equivalent from my pattern stash and try to figure out how to tweak mine to look more like theirs. I have seen the new Burda Fall/Winter 2013 patterns on the web and one of those that really caught my eye is this one:

I thought what a clever way to accessorize the same basic strapless dress to make it look completely different! I have always liked versatile clothing. This seems to me an even better idea than those infinity dresses.

Since I already have a good basic strapless knit dress pattern, I will just have to figure out ways to create the accessories like the one in this pattern. I don't love view B so I will just have to do a variation of that.

If only I have a special occasion coming up.................

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