Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Refashion: Mickey fleece Scarf to Kid's hat

I like making kids' clothes. They require a little material and are super fast to make (I do choose simple clothes to sew). My son has outgrown the winter accessories I made for him 2 years ago so I quickly sewed up a new one tonight.

This red fleece Mickey Mouse adult scarf was bought at my local Thrift Store last year for $1.99. My son likes Mickey Mouse so I knew I wanted to make something for him with this. It just happened to be the perfect width for my son's hat.

1. First I cut out the top part of the hat. Basically it's a rectangle. I cut 2 of these - 1 for the front and 1 for the back.
2. Then I cut out the headband piece with the back lower than the front and a little extra flaps for the ears. I cut 4 of these. There are centre front seams and centre back seams. The band will be double thickness.
3. I sewed the top 2 parts together. Then I sewed the band together and then connect the top and the band and voila!

I still have more material to make him the neck tube. Not too shabby for a $1.99 thrifted item!

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