Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Refashion: Shrunken Men XL tee to Toddler sleeper/pajama

My toddler never keeps her blanket on when she sleeps. It's always kicked off which I guess is normal for kids. The weather is warming up but the nights are still a bit chilly. So I had to make her some new 1 piece sleeper/pajama. I say 'new', because the old ones I made her had zippers in the front. My toddler, being cheeky and clever, always managed to unzip it the zipper and then proceeded to take off her diaper and all her clothes. That's the opposite of keeping her warm!

So I  had to 'design' some new 1 piece sleeper/pajama that zips up at the back. I looked through my refashion pile and found this Men's tee that is too short on my hubby:

Then I dug out a long zipper from my stash and started my quick hack job. I folded the tee in half and marked out where I wanted to cut (I measured my toddler quickly while she was lying down for about 1 second) and started cutting.

After some quick and crude sewing, here is the result:

I added a 'storm-flap-like' strip (with self fabric) to the inside of the zipper so that it doesn't scratch my toddler when she is sleeping on her back:

Not a very pretty sewing project but I had only 45 minutes to do it from start to finish before she went to sleep so I consider the quick and crude hack job a success! :-) She has been wearing it for a week and she hasn't been able to take it off yet. Mission accomplished!!