Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Me Made May'13 - May 24 to 31

Sorry I'm late with this post. I was going to write it on the night of May 31 but I have been really really tired lately and I decided sleep was more important. Perhaps I have been battling some oncoming illness - who knows? The weather had been all over the map - cold and windy one day and then hot and humid the next. Anyways here are the outfits for the last part of the Me Made May'13.

May 24:
Top: Me Made wool/acrylic mix kimono jacket (see this post)
Bottom: Me Made jeggings (McCall 5273)

May 25:
Top: Me Made sweatshirt tunic (see this post)
Bottom: Me Made stretch cotton woven slim jeans (see this post)

May 26:
(NOTE: I forgot to take a picture so here it is on a hanger)
Dress: Me Made poly stretch knit faux wrap dress (see this post)

May 27:
It was still cold today but I couldn't wait to wear my summer dresses. So I wore this sleeveless dress with leggings.
Dress: Me-Made poly stretch knit dress (see this post)
Cardigan: same Me Altered thrifted cotton knit cardigan
Leggings: Store bought leggings

May 28:
I thought it was warm this morning but boy was I wrong! However it did get warmer by noon.
Top: Me Altered Men shirt to ladies top (see this post)
Bottom: Me Made stretch cotton shorts (Vogue 8041)
Cardigan: Yea the same old Me Altered cardi again!

May 29:
Dress: Me Made poly knit dress (see this post)
Cardigan: what? The same cardi again? I need to make more cardigans!

May 30:
Top: Me Made knit top (Simplicity 3532)
Bottom: Me Made stretch denim shorts (Vogue 8157)

May 31:
Dress: Me Made cotton voile dress  (New Look 6615)

Oh it's been fun! Thanks Zoe for organizing this. I have learned a lot about what I have in my wardrobe. I think I'll try to pay more attention to what I wear in the morning from now on. I do have a lot of clothes for the summer!

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