Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black turtleneck dress - another simple Refashion

I'm weeks away from giving birth! As much as I love sewing/refashioning, I am just too tired and uncomfortable to do anymore. So here is probably the last sewing/refashioning project before the new baby arrives.
I bought this wool mix turtleneck long dress for a few dollars from a thrift store 2 months ago. I was mighty pleased in finding this dress! The dress is too long for me (down to my ankles) and the turtleneck was too tight (actually all turtlenecks are tight on my short neck). I just want a simple black wool sweater dress that I can wear in the office with my jewelry creations (the black showcases the jewelry very well!).

1. Chop off the dress from the knee down. Hem the bottom edge.
2. Measure and mark the eventual neckline of the dress.
3. Cut a piece from the remnant of a wine colour sweater (from the 3 tone sweater dress project) and attached it to the neckline.
4. Cut off the turtleneck.
5. Voila! Another easy refashioning.I think the wine colour neckline gives the dress a little pizzazz but still keeps the overall look muted.

And I still have lots of fabric left over from this dress for another project.

p.s. It's just so difficult to take a good picture of this dress on me while I'm 9 months pregnant. Perhaps I'll take another picture after giving birth.


  1. How did you attach the wine-colored piece at the neck? I really like the way this looks! And I can't believe you're 9 months! wow ...

  2. Teehee, the black fabric gives no clues for depth perception and all but makes your baby belly disappear :) A great refashion! Good luck with the baby (and with adjusting all your refashions later on :)!

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments! Sorry I was in a hurry when making this and didn't take pictures during the refashioning.

    To attach the wine coloured piece:
    1. Before cutting the turtleneck, I measured and marked the circumference of the eventual neckline on the dress.
    2. Since the wine colour sweater fabric stretches more than this sweater dress fabric, I cut a rectangular piece of the wine sweater that was about 2 inches shorter than the circumference of the eventual neckline. This is really by eye only.
    3. I sewed the wine rectangle ends together into a circle, fold the whole circle in half, stitched it to the eventual neckline of the sweater.
    4. Cut off the turtleneck.
    5. Topstitched the new wine collar onto the neckline.

    That's it! Hope this helps!

  4. Love this simple refashion. I have a very similar dress that I've been trying to come up with a fantastic idea for and after seeing your after pic I see that sometimes simple is just way better :)

  5. Thanks American Nanny! I'm so busy with 2 young kids so simple refashioning projects are ideal for me. I'm sure you know all about raging 2 year olds! ;-)