Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shorts for hubby - Simplicity 3763....Sweatshop now closed!

After all the sewing/refashioning for myself and my son this year, I thought it's time for me to make something for a very very important person in my life - my dear hubby! I started making a pair of pants for him using simplicity 3763 late last Summer. But alas! Morning/afternoon/evening sickness for the first 4 months of pregnancy prevented me from finishing it. So finally I have finished the shorts in time for this summer.

I made 2 pairs of shorts with this pattern, using an Olive cotton/poly twill and a Beige cotton/poly twill in my stash. I made some changes to the patterns for both pairs of shorts.

1. Olive shorts - I made a functional button fly by drafting my own extra flaps for the fly. I added an extra waistband to the shorts because of some miscalculations. I also added a drawstring to the elastic waistband because hubby likes that. The shorts were easy to make. I didn't read the instructions. However, hubby thought the shorts were too long and he didn't like the seamed pockets on the side. The drawstring is a long shoelace in my stash.

2. Beige shorts - The fly this time is pure decorative. I drafted new angled patch pockets for the shorts. Due to another miscalculation of the placement of the pockets, I added an extra elastic waistband with drawstring to the shorts. I also shortened the shorts by 3 inches as per hubby's request. The drawstring is the other shoelace in my stash.

It was tough going because I'm really pregnant and it's really difficult crouch on the floor to pin and cut fabric. But I'm glad it's done and hubby has another 2 pairs of shorts to wear this summer. And it's good that I'm stash busting!!

I think the 'Lovenicky barefoot and pregnant sewing sweatshop' is finally closed for the next few months........:-)

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