Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adult splash pants to Toddler splash pants - Simplicity 3765 Again!

Yep, I did another refashion again, even though I said I was going to stop and take it easy. However, this time it was out of necessity.

The teacher at my toddler's nursery school said that the weather is getting warmer and more rainy. So he now needs splash pants, not snow pants, to go outside and play. I thought I would have to go and hunt for a pair of 2nd hand splash pants for him. But then I remembered that I had a 2nd pair of splash pants that I hadn't worn for a while because I needed to fix the waist elastic.

So I did a simple and boring refashion of my splash pants to my son's splash pants, using the tried and true Simplicity 3765 pattern.

1. Cut off the waistband and the ankle zippers on the adult pants
2. Resew the zipperless pant leg together
3. Cut along the inseams
4. Place the pattern on the pant legs and cut.
5. Sew the pattern pieces together
6. Apply elastics to the ankle cuffs and the waist band

Voila! Another quick and easy refashion for my son. It took less than 2 hours and my son has been wearing it every school day since.

p.s. It's funny how the before after pictures look almost the same!

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