Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toddler pants - Simplicity 3765

I finally got to take some pictures of the pants I made for my son while he is out. I have been using this Simplicity pants pattern for him for 6 months now. I just keep adding width and length as he grows taller! LOL

This is a very easy pattern. One pattern piece only (no side seams). I can make a pair of flannel lined pants for him within 2 hours! I have made at least 10 pairs of pants for him with his pattern already. This is just a small collection of them:I made them out of whatever I have in my fabric stash: navy blue corduroy, green polartec fleece, forest green heavy cotton twill, grey cotton sweatshirt fleece. I lined the 2 corduroy ones with flannel craps that I have been keeping for a while - one green plaid and one green stripes. I made name tags for him with stash ribbon inside the back of the pants.
If you want to make something fast and easy for your baby or toddler, this pattern is highly recommended!


  1. Love all the boys pants -such a simple purposeful pattern! I like the plaid print on the inside too

  2. Thanks Shannon! Seriously, this is the easier sewing pattern I have ever had. I have used this pattern so much that the paper is coming apart. I'd better copy it to some sturdier paper before it completely disintegrate.

  3. Is this pattern still in print? Where did you buy it at? The pants look great!!

  4. Thanks! I just went to the Simplicity.com website and the pattern is still in print. You can purchase it via their website. Have fun!

  5. Cute pants. Love the reversible fabric at the cuff. I've had this pattern forever. Finally making the shirt VIEW E and the pant (which will probably be SHORTS) this weekend. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Reeceha! What a coincidence that I received your comments on these kids' pants this week! I was just trying to work out how to replicate this pattern piece since it's been overused and falling apart!