Saturday, June 17, 2017

My pop-up store display

I really need to learn more about marketing and display. I set up my first pop-up store this afternoonand it looks like this:

I sold 3 bags today. But think I can do better than this. I need to go online and see what other bag makers do to display their wares!


  1. And I need to Google "pop-up store" to see what exactly that is :) I would be over the moon to sell three bags in a day so soon after setting up shop! But you have a great attitude to be thinking, how can I do better? That is what successful entrepreneurs do.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I really think I was really lucky to sell 3 bags today. I may not sell anything for another 6 months! Hahahahha!

  2. You are on a real learning curve with all this. Must be taking up a lot of time and energy. I wish you every success.