Friday, June 9, 2017

A little something for a toddler

When my kids were born, I made them stuffed letters that represent the first letter of their given name. I also made that for my expectant female friends. The letters usually make good gifts at baby showers because the expectant moms can use them as decorations for the nurseries. And when the babys grow bigger, they can play with them like a stuffed toy.

This time I'm making a stuffed letter for a friend's little toddler girl. She can either use it as decoration or a toy. I'm using this rainbow striped fabric that I think will go with any decor in the little girl's room. I hope they will like it!


  1. Very huggable looking! A nice unique gift, certain to please, as parents are always excited about their baby's names :)

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is my kids are still insist on having their stuffed initials in their bed for them to sleep. And they are definitely not toddlers anymore!