Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wardrobe Sudoku Contest: 1st top Butterick 5053

As my serger is still threaded with black and grey threads, I proceeded to sew the next garment that required these threads. My first top for this contest is this mixed moderate stretch knit cardigan/jacket/top. I have had these 2 knits for a while and I have made other garments with them before.

With the striped polyester knit I made The Irene Adler dress:

With the black/white check cotton knit I made:

1. Checked leggings

2. Checked dress

I have used Butterick 5053 once when I was pregnant. I modified the cardi/jacket pattern to allow lots of room at the tummy area and made a fleece jacket with it. I wore that jacket almost daily as my belly grew larger and larger. I still wear this often in the house during colder months. :

I had chosen size M (10-12) according to the envelope back information. I used the checkered knit for the body and the back of the striped knit for the sleeves and collar according to the yardage I had. It came together fairly quickly. I omitted the cuffs because I thought they would be too long for my arms. I made my usual short waist adjustment. I tried the initial jacket on. Boy it was really loose! I had to take off a good 5 cm off each side seams, as well as a good 3cm off the sleeve width. I understood that I was using a moderate stretch knit instead of a woven non-stretch fabric. But the looseness still really surprised me.

After trimming and trying it on a few times, this is how it looked in the end:

I had initially made a self-belt but it looked too much like I was going to a Karate tournament. So I used a thrifted belt for the photo above. I think it looked okay but I have to be really careful what I wear with this jacket to not look like I'm doing Asian martial arts. It's a good weight for the late Spring and early Autumn weather. I'm extremely happy that I busted some major fabric stash! The remnants of these 2 fabrics are now only good for trims or other embellishment details. So 2 garments down, 7 more to go!

My review of this pattern is on PatternReview.


  1. Lovely! You are making great headway! Your comment about the karate tournament made me smile, but I can assure you that that belt works because "martial arts" definitely did NOT come to mind!

    1. Thanks Jenny! It was pretty hilarious when I first looked into the mirror with the self fabric belt!

  2. You are really on a roll! I really like the mix of fabrics on the jacket, and think it all looks put together with the belt. You are doing great!

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy that I have used up these 2 remnant knits that are too small for a complete garment.