Friday, February 3, 2017

I have entered the Wardrobe Sudoku Contest!

Yes I have lost my mind. I was planning my spring sewing projects when I came across the's Wardrobe Sudoku Contest. I thought it would be a good guide to help me decide what items to make for this Spring, as well as clearing a large part of the stash fabrics that are in my sewing room.

The contest requires 16 items - at least 10 of the items have to be made for this contest:

Obviously I am unable to make any footwear. This means that I can only include 2 existing garments in this contest. 

I'm rather excited and also intimidated by this contest. I don't know if I will have enough time to make all these 10 garments in a 2 month period. I figured that even if I can't finish everything in 2 months, I will still have a good number of new sewn garments for this spring. And I will have used up some of the huge amount of stash fabrics in my sewing room.

So that red tweed blazer that I was planning to make this month will have to wait. I'm off to search through my wardrobe for existing garments, as well as digging into my fabric stash to see what I actually have for this contest!


  1. So interesting, and a great way to make a useful wardrobe. It will take some planning, that's for sure. Good luck! I've read about the other challenges you have set yourself so I'm sure you will ace this one!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I wanted to make a brand new Spring wardrobe and clear a lot of my old fabric stash once and for all. Some of the fabrics have been there for 10 years!