Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top projects of 2016

I forgot to do a post regarding my favourite projects of 2016. There are many projects that I like but here are the top 6:

6. Girl Fleece Jacket
I made this jacket for my daughter as a x'mas gift. Unfortunately I didn't measure correctly and it was a bit tight on her torso and arms. I found this remnant purple fleece in my stash and saved the jacket from a complete fail. And thank goodness my daughter likes the change!

5. Chinese Cushions to Chinese Jacket Refashion
I was pressed for time to find a Chinese style jacket for my son's Chinese New Year party. After searching around town for 2 days in vain, I decided to turn these 2 Chinese cushions into a simple Chinese style jacket in 1 night. Just in time for his party!

4. Purple Silk Tunic to Dress Refashion
I thrifted this XL tunic a few years ago and had little idea what to do with it. Then I decided to make a dress out of it with a scrap knit band at the bottom. It's a beautiful purple that I like and it's super comfortable to wear for eating a big meal!

3. Self-drafted woven slim trousers pattern
I had long struggled to make trousers that fit nicely at the back. They always look baggy no matter what I did with the patterns. But then I had the 'a-ha' moment when I put the trousers on backwards by mistake. Now I have this nice fitting slim trouser pattern that I can use again and again!

2. White tweed Chanel-esque Jacket
I have never had a white jacket but this remnant sparkly tweed in my stash was just enough to make this little Chanel-esque Jacket. I wore it to a X'mas party and got compliments for it. It has just enough sparkle for special occasions but not too much that I can wear it on a daily basis.

1. The Red Cashmere jacket Refashion/Alteration
This is my most favourite project because I learned a new technique that can be applied to a lot of my own jackets as well as helping friends/family to alter their jackets. I have to thank Angela Wolf for this!


  1. Very nice garments. I truly love the white Chanel-esque jacket, but the red one is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Linda! I love the white jacket too. But the red one is definitely warm enough for winter.

  2. All lovely projects. I do remember the purple dress; that one really stands out for me.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I love the colour purple and the silk was beautiful and comfortable to wear.

  3. Love the red jacket! It fits great :) Thanks for the mention too!

    1. Thanks Angela for teaching me the new technique! It's the best one I have learned in a while!